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Article: What to Expect During Your First Acupuncture Visit

Acupuncture Newport

What to Expect During Your First Acupuncture Visit

Getting acupuncture is a new experience for many; the idea can seem scary. I understand this, and I hope this post helps demystify acupuncture and answer any questions you might have.

Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Let me tell you a bit about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is where acupuncture comes from. Have you ever had tightness in your shoulders that won’t go away? Or, no matter how much coffee you drink, exhaustion has moved in like a dense fog, with no forecast for it to lift? Acupuncturists believe that health problems like these are the result of energy being blocked. We call this energy, qi (pronounced “chee”), and our job is to identify blockages in the body and insert needles to allow qi to flow more smoothly.

How I View Supporting Women

My practice is dedicated exclusively to women's health and beauty. I specialize in acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, and herbal remedies to help women achieve vibrant health and natural beauty. The philosophy that has resonated with me the most is that true beauty emanates from inner balance and well-being. When we feel good on the inside, we radiate beauty. My life's work is in service of women finding their balance.

What the Studio Strives to Be

I have created the studio as an oasis for women to rejuvenate and revitalize their bodies and minds. Each session is unique and adjusts to the ever-changing balance of body, mind, emotion, and environment we experience as women. This space is a sanctuary where women's health is celebrated, nurtured, and elevated to its highest potential.

Preparing for Your First Visit

Now that you know the basics of TCM, let’s talk about your visit. Before you arrive, make a short list of the health concerns that are most pressing for you. Wear loose-fitting clothes and have a light snack beforehand. After intake, I will insert small, unobtrusive needles and put on relaxing music so you can rest. Periodically during the session, I will come in to add or remove needles, but for most of the session, it is time for you to chill.

I often prescribe herbal medicine to enhance the acupuncture treatment further. These herbs come in capsules, so they are easy to swallow and are chosen for your particular concerns to help bring your system into balance.

Each visit is approximately one hour and ten minutes. Afterward, you will be relaxed and refreshed and can continue your day as planned.

See you soon!


Stephanie Hartselle, MD

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

There are few professionals I feel are brilliant enough for patient and family member referrals. Dr. Catherine is the first name I discuss when sending anyone for acupuncture.

Laura Whiteley, MD

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dr. Catherine is a true professional. She makes all her clients feel comfortable and her ability to heal is exceptional.

Kristine Mortel, MD

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The most visceral compliment I can give though is this; I am a doctor and I'm truly grateful and at ease to be a patient under her care.

James Rayner, MD

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was lucky enough to discover Dr. Catherine’s beautiful space at a very stressful time. Her warmth and skill were outstanding. So relaxing and definitely the best acupuncture I’ve ever experienced.

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